Trying #COOK90

It is amazing to me how the human brain works!

We know when something is bad for us and we understand the consequences of going against that knowledge, and yet when confronted with a dark chocolate brownie, a slice of pumpkin pie, a sugar cookie with an irresistible icing we succumb to the temptation. AND if you are anything like me…you don’t eat just a bite or two you eat it in its entirety and then crave, plead with yourself for more…

I become like a rabid junkie for sweets when I start down that sugar path. When faced with a dessert I relish…let me give you an example. There is a fast food, I don’t eat fast food normally, fast food restaurant in Cincy called Frisch’s. They have my favorite pumpkin pie ever. I don’t care who you are or how well you bake…Frisch’s has always been the best pumpkin pie for me. A friend Carolyn brought me a piece. I ate 3 bites and placed it in the refrigerator. My hope was to eat 3 bites a day for 3 days. My mom can do this…I can’t. Not even two hours later, after salivating at the thought of it…I went and finished that slice of pie. I couldn’t STAND to be that close to that pie and not finish it…The dog ate the crust. I ate the filing. I’m trying to be gluten free. Oh yeah, that helped. And sugar free. I failed on that front.

The next day, I vowed to stop the sugar. That was until my friend Karen showed up with her homemade cookies. Wouldn’t it have been rude to not eat them?

This is my VERY roundabout way of saying…I succumb WAY to easy!!!

But…2 weeks ago, I woke up with horrible pains in my hips. I was hunched over and every step hurt and that is when I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself and said, “KNOCK IT OUT!”

I have not had sugar (except a teeny bit of honey (which even that is wrong) last night in a Thai coffee out with a bunch of girlfriends) since December 8. My hips don’t hurt anymore. My face is less puffy. I have more energy. I feel so much better. Yet, ya’ll know I am going to fall off that wagon again! THAT is what we humans do! Shit happens!

And sometimes, you just need a little something sweet! That human brain! Do you think I can wait until my birthday in April when I get my free Graeter’s sundae? That’s comical. I will be lucky to make it through Christmas Eve and Christmas night dinners, but I am going to try!

So….I was thrilled when EPICURIOUS sent me this #cook90.  Here is the idea…take 30 days starting on January 1st and eat home every meal and eat healthy, well, and see how it helps, changes your relationship with food….and saves money too!

I’m doing it!!! Anyone with me???


Most of us do not have the ability to stop eating those bad for us foods forever, but breaks here and there can be really good for us and if it helps me fly right for awhile…why not…that being said..during cook90, you will (hopefully)be reading blogs full of my foodie adventures from the Fall that go from coast to coast. Something to read while curled up under a blanket on a cold winter day.

Until then…Happy Holidays to you and your family….

from moi/me/Erin and my pooch, Dulce

A bientot!


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