My mom discovered her birth family years ago. Well, her mom, Aunt and her Aunt’s daughter, Lynnie. Lynnie invited us to a family reunion and we met the rest of the gang. They are awesome! I know you have heard me speak of them all so fondly in several blogs. I feel truly lucky to get a new, big, loving, fun, smart family.

After listening to them talk about where they go in the summer. Some island up in Canada, they told me I needed to come see what they were all raving about.

I have been to islands in Canada. They are lovely. Why would this one be special? Well, it is. The largest fresh water island in the WORLD. I drank the water straight out of the lake. I try to drink 3-4, 24 oz. Tervis tumblers full of water a day. In Canada, I think I averaged 10 a day because the water is so darn tooting good. I had a REALLY hard time coming back to Ohio River water. After fresh Canadian water. It was a joke! Assimilation was difficult.

I hate to drive distances. I dread it. I hate it. I avoid it, but I did it!

My cousin Debbie and I talked the whole way up! We had an absolute blast!!! I’m not going to lie. 10 hours to the ferry. 1.5 hours on the ferry, and 20 minutes to the cottages. But thankfully, we did good!

Pam came running out to greet us! We knew she would. Then Connie and Jim followed.

Jim, Debbie and I went out to the dock and they showed me a sky free of light pollution (except for those damn red lights in the distance, windmills) and the sky was spectacular.

I woke up the next morning and walked back out to the dock. The water was crystal clear. Water in my panoramic vision. Smooth as glass. Beautiful.

I went to visit Pam and Aunt Connie and see their cottage.

Then I went to Kathy’s to see hers.

Then we heard a blood-curdling scream and ran.

Our very beloved Aunt Connie had fallen and hit her head. Blood was gushing. We were all panicking except for Aunt Connie. She was so cool and calm. She made jokes. She calmed all of us down.

She is so amazing.

We drove like bats out of hell to the nearest hospital.

We were maniacs. We were terrified. Aunt Connie was fine. She made jokes and laughed. Thank goodness we had her with us.

Prior to getting stitched up she said she was craving a chocolate milkshake. Only her. If we all could be so cool.

It was a long day in an emergency room, but we all were able to stay together and talk. It was nice. Finally, Aunt Connie said she felt like an ass for falling. The nurse turned and looked at her and said, “NO! You are a BAD ASS!” Hence, Aunt Connie’s new nickname.

We left the hospital and I was taken for a boat ride to see the eagles on a little island. “The fresh wind in my hair, life with no cares…”it was wonderful.

Fresh fish on the grill and sitting around with family, eating and talking. It was really nice!

My cousins do projects around the house, crossword puzzles, which I am lousy at and they are so good at doing!

I sat on a lawn chair and read my John Grisham book and regularly looked out at the beautiful water.

Every afternoon as promised I walked in the water passing a handful of docks. News traveled fast. Everyone inquired about Connie. When given a report the response was always. “She’s amazing!”

The water was really cool at first but so refreshing. I complain about the pool at home when it slides under 81 and I giggled and swam in the 70-degree lake. Sandy bottom. I loved it.

My cousin Debbie and I are on the same Whole 30 Diet Plan so she prepared scrumptious meals that I could eat in their entirety. She read excerpts from the diet book and we laughed and were shocked and thrilled we had benefitted so much from this change in eating.

Did we cheat? Of course, we drank MANITOULIN MILKSHAKES. I only had one, but it was so tasty. Butterscotch Schnapps, Vodka, Kahlua, Cream/Milk on ice. YUMMY!

The other thing I ate up there was a full fat yogurt recommended to me called Liberté in Apricot and Mango flavor that was delicious. Until my belly said stop and then I stopped.

It is not the dairy that affects me. It’s the sugar.

Debbie made this root vegetable dish in curry that I devoured. And I ate it as a snack on two different occasions. Didn’t know that did you?

We ate fish. We went on boat rides. I went on a jet ski, but totally spooked myself. I have no idea how or why, but I did. But Pam was masterful on it. So was Aunt Connie.

Each evening we played games. Mexican Dominoes and Kings. I think the other one was called KINGS?

A few late nights we went out and watched meteor showers. We all lied on the dock and stared at the sky. I actually saw stars dart across the sky. It was so cool. Amazing! Shocking!

The weather was great for the most part. The company fabulous. I’m sad that I didn’t have them all my life all along, but glad I have them in my life now.

The last night there we cooked up fish. Well, Jim did. Pam and Debbie made yummy salads. Aunt Connie made Mac and Cheese, which I couldn’t eat, but I had to taste it. Rude not to, right?

We sat and watched the fire and talked. The next morning we got up and returned to civilization. Bad water, traffic noise, no evening skies full of darting stars, no ability to walk out the door and go knock on my cousins doors, or walk 25 feet to the lake or curl up on a chair and read while listening to the water lap up on the shore. It was hard to go! Thankfully, Debbie and I could talk for another 12 hours with no problems. We did. It also helped knowing that they weren’t my Canadian cousins miles away and that I wouldn’t have to wait till next summer to see them. I knew they would eventually come back to Cincy, because Canada gets REALLY cold and frozen in the winter.

I was so touched, excited and thrilled that they invited me there to see a place they all love and cherish and now I get why!

Below is a random selection of photos from the trip!

Cabin outside and inside….


Cast of characters…aka family…mom’s side…


Aunt Connie on the jet ski….I didn’t want a close up because I promised I would not publish the BAD ASS/Batwoman pic!

95 and jetskiing…..


Pam’s hubby Joe was there but somehow he missed being photographed…

Evening ritual…a game…


Pretty walk to see a pretty waterfall…


Hanging out by the firepit…


Amazing sunsets….


I think I will leave you with these….enough said….

Until we meet again…

Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….


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