Whole 30 Challenge Complete and 10 lbs Lighter & Other Random Things

I FINISHED WHOLE 30!!! That crazy diet I was on!!! That ended up not being crazy but wonderful! I feel great! I weighed in and I am happy to tell you I lost 10 lbs. in 30 days! Now, what do I do? I guess I keep going but I am going to add dairy back into my diet a bit. I think the problems with aches and pains and inflammation came from the starches and sugars. Not cheese! It can’t be cheese! Plus, I am sick of ordering salads and saying, “Please hold the cheese! That is just WRONG!” Well, I feel so good and losing 10lbs is such a great start that my fitbit and I will proceed. I am going to do weigh-ins every 2 weeks instead of waiting a WHOLE MONTH!

Of course, I weighed in and lost inches here and inches there and then that night was that AMAZING Superbowl game and a party. I brought my own food to keep me honest. I did eat a little from the buffet table. I ate salami and half a deviled egg and a little fruit. I also took the ham out of a finger sandwich and ate it. I am sure the tension from the last 34 seconds got my metabolism up and running and burned off whatever I ate. See, I can rationalize anything. Actually, I carefully ate earlier in the day preparing for the night in case I wanted to eat something there, but I knew I would still stay in the parameters. I have to tell you that may have been the best ever deviled egg and I am not sure it is because my friend Martha made it or because it was so good to eat something different.

Well, I made it 40 days without cheating which I find absolutely incredible and a 63 calorie cheat…well, is it even cheating?

I broke down and ate a square of Lindt dark chocolate. My stomach was rumbling something fierce and the ONLY thing I could think would make it feel better was chocolate. What if it was rumbling because it couldn’t stand the void any longer? I almost couldn’t eat the whole square. It was too sweet, but I choked that sucker down and enjoyed every nibble of it. Buddha was a little upset at first (or maybe pangs of guilt) and then bliss!

Here is what is keeping me on the wagon. I REALLY want/need to lose weight. I really love how taking out the starches and sugars have made aches and pains go away. And I have come to realize that sugar is like a drug. You get a little in your veins and you just CRAVE more….so I had the chocolate square and now I am back on the straight and arrow.

A friend told me a funny story yesterday about her niece. At the age of three she was unhappy about something or other and my friend looked at her niece and said what would make you feel better and at 3, this brilliant child responded, “Chocolate would help!”

Doesn’t it always!

A friend asked me how I was doing on the diet and I told her well. She said it is easy now isn’t it? “Yes, it is,” I replied. “I have gotten so used to eating like this that it just seems like the new norm.”

There is a book that a friend gave me years ago about how it takes 30 days to break a habit. At the time I used it to get over a boyfriend who broke my heart, but now I subscribe to that philosophy in terms of food. You see the connection. One replaces the other…but I digress. I shouldn’t admit that on paper, but I did.

It is true…you really can change a habit and I hope I stick to it. AT LEAST till I lose the weight but hopefully I will continue because it is so darn healthy and makes me feel so darn good.

I have a BIG meeting tomorrow about one of my books and getting feedback and I am so nervous and anxious, I can barely function or get anything done. I am so focused on it. SO much to do and so little time!

Well, my dear, dear friend Sally from Oregon has written a wonderful witty book and she writes an equally witty blog…here is her latest….and it is so true…sadly and unfortunately I can relate. It runs in my genes…

“Advice For Women Who Love To Love Men Who Love To Hate Women Who Love Them Too Much”

Written in Buddy’s Pizza Palace
In the back booth near the bathroom
not that it matters but
I was eating an extra large garlic chicken pizza with white sauce when I wrote this.

Stop it.
Get over it.
Move on and keep moving.
There, that’s it simple and to the point.
You’re wasting your vital energy and vibrational flow on someone who is not able to love.
Time to change your vibrations – just like you change your underwear.
Keep them fresh – every day.
Now let’s have a cuppa coffee. 

In Love & Light, 
Your doctor and mine, 

Dr. Beasley

More by Sally…click below and you can find her book on amazon.com.



Speaking of icky boyfriends and bad boys we all love…even the ones that don’t seem bad initially but VIOLA…they are….with V-Day around the corner. My least favorite holiday only second to New Year’s…It was 4 years ago this Saturday, my heart was served back to me like a bad pate. I am sure some of you remember. There I was bald, going through cancer, getting cheated on and discovering it on Valentine’s Day and dumping his sorry ass! Four years ago, and it ended up being the best thing ever! It just goes to show that there is ALWAYS a silver lining. So, maybe V-Day should be my fav holiday? Nah.

Speaking of silver….gray…I am working on getting a stuffed animal produced for my kid’s books and I came across this…now, I have seen everything. Vermont Teddy Bear said they are selling these like hotcakes! WHAT A HOOT!!!

50 shades grey bear

Well, Groundhog Day has come and gone again and that damn rodent keeps seeing his shadow and giving us six more weeks of winter. If I ever lay my eyes on that DAMN PHIL, he better cover his ears because I may bite him like he bit that Governor! That Governor should have turned around and bit him! I said to someone in the elevator, I couldn’t believe that DAMN Groundhog and her response was, “Oh, we have been so lucky this year!” I wanted to say, “YOU ARE SO RIGHT, EXCEPT for those several days when the windchill hovered around zero! Are you batshit crazy or what?”

Well, my precious Dulce had a grown-up problem. Her flu vaccine didn’t cover the strain she contracted so she got the doggy flu. She sounded like a gagging duck for several days. She was woozy. She lost her appetite. She was not allowed near other dogs, nor was she allowed to exert any energy. She was like an Orthodox Jew on Sabbath (you aren’t allowed to exert energy), but her Sabbath was to last for 2 weeks. (I can say that joke. I have Jewish blood.) So, I started carrying her to keep her from touching anything. I thought…silver lining. I am going to get Michelle Obama arms if I carry her in and out of the building, down halls, etc.

That got old REAL fast! I put her in my granny grocery cart.


I think she liked it FAR too much! If she could have lifted her paw and done the royalty wave, she would have!

She was stranded and isolated and I wanted to be a good doggy mom/sissy so I was here. So, I did what I do! I cooked!

I found a recipe to cook cauliflower with onions and garlic in bacon grease. YES, on my diet. I can’t eat a piece of bread but I can eat bacon grease. Why do you think I did this diet? I had to get my priorities straight. Bacon trumps almost everything!

I have to tell you I tried to do broccoli in the bacon grease, it was not as good! But try the cauliflower! It ROCKED!!! So yummy!!! So much flavor. LOVED it! Salt and pepper as desired.

I needed a new eggplant recipe. I really like eggplant but don’t have a lot of recipes for it. I found a recipe for Baba ganoush. I really like it but have never been successful in making it till this well-known gentleman’s recipe (Lebovitz’s).

Lebovitz's baba ganoush

I found another recipe for eggplant. Cut it as thin as possible toss in bowl, add olive oil, salt, and pepper and roast 10 minutes each side. It needs to be thin. When it is thin, it becomes almost crisp. The thinner pieces were a good and crunchy snack!

eggplant chips

The other thing I did was hang my photographs on the wall. FINALLY!!! I must confess some of those pictures are not bad!


Have you heard about the little free library? I have heard of it but had never seen it till the other day! This is so cool. In a nutshell, you put books in and people can take books out. Or maybe it is you can only take one out if you put one back in?

This is such a cool idea. Here is what it looks like…


Here is more info on it.


I went and saw AMERICAN SNIPER. It was very well done. I highly recommend everyone see it. It shows something that everyone needs to see. I have been to a few mostly Muslim countries. I have had Muslim friends. I worked with a wonderful Muslim man in New York when 9.11 happened. Every race, religion has good and bad in them. But from my experiences, this is a very accurate account.

You have all heard me complain about building politics and board meetings. We had our first meeting of the New Year. It was wonderful!!! We have the loveliest addition to our group. Big thanks to Darlene for joining us! What a pleasure!

On Friday evening, I met up with my friend Jennie for a salad and then we went to her daughter’s play, The Emperor’s New Clothes! It was at my old high school. It is so weird, awkward to go back, but the play was cute and she did a great job. She is going to be a famous Broadway star one day. Mark my words! Lydia Noll. Up in bright lights.

On Saturday, I co-hosted a mid-year pool party for my pool friends at my friend Stephen’s place. Someone even brought pool water for all of us to dip our fingers in it.

Well, I really have nothing else for you at this point. I have a dog staring at me. It is dinnertime. Gotta go!

Until we meet again…

Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….


One thought on “Whole 30 Challenge Complete and 10 lbs Lighter & Other Random Things

  1. Loved this post. Those lost ten lbs. are obvious, good for you. Do add cheese though, it is so nutritional! Now your dislike of V day is understandable, but don’t allow someone have the power to ruin a fun holiday for you. Hope to see you in the party room, Judy and June are decorating wizards. Come, enjoy spending time with your friends and listening to our home grown live music!

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