Bread & Butter Dreams to A Worthwhile Diet to A Class of Art

The last time I adhered to a diet I was living in Boston or Manhattan or maybe Paris but I have a feeling I didn’t stop eating the bread in Paris. That would not have been my style. What was my style was to walk down to the bakery and get a baguette on Saturday and Sunday mornings and eat part of it on the way home. The rest I would eat with butter or butter and lavender honey. Makes me drool thinking about it. I can smell it. NOTHING like the French making bread.

I do not feel like I have been missing bread but apparently I am to some extent since I had a dream that I was eating a baguette that was LATHERED with butter. Good French butter. The way I look at that is…I was able to eat as much as I wanted and enjoy it and not gain an ounce because it was all a dream. A vivid dream, but a dream indeed. Oh to be back in Paris @ The Place de Vosges eating a baguette and walking.

If anyone had told me that almost 30 days later I would still being loyal to this diet, I would have laughed. But I have done it. And I am scared to go off it. Well, I am not going to go off it…but I am going to add things back into my diet. Life without peanut butter, mayo, cheese, yogurt is okay but if I can add those things back in, I will!

I saw a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich with the cheese oozing out the side and thought maybe I will eat that just once when I am done and then thought no I won’t that is a slippery slope.

I really thought life without sushi would be rough. But two days in a row I went to meet girlfriends at MEI a Japanese restaurant here in Cincy. Both days, I ate miso soup, ginger salad and a bowl full of sashimi. I ate half the sashimi for lunch and the rest for dinner with fresh veggies.

I do love sashimi! It is weird to eat the fish without the rice but it sure is tasty. And the calories I saved on the rice. WOW!


On Friday, I went to lunch with my family, which included the name not allowed to be mentioned in my blog. I wanted them to all meet one another. They really liked each other. I knew they would. We had such a nice time. We went to Trio’s. I was very disappointed that they took the black & bleu salad off the menu, because it was delicious. However, I ordered the Naples salad with shrimp, crabmeat, and avocado on a bed of Bibb lettuce and it was delicious!

I would have taken a picture but I was scared I would have mortified everyone at the table. So, please use your imagination here.

I came back to work and I took this lovely pic of Leigh. She works around the corner from me. She has 5 kids, maybe 20, I think it is 5….she has a lot! She is extremely cool and very sharp!


That night we all went to Cheers to Art, which is this really cute place out in Madeira were you can paint. We went because my cousins have a place up in Canada that they all talk about so fondly and they thought the pic we were painting of birch trees in a forest was reminiscent of being up in Canada.

Well, it was such a cool idea. There was a roomful of people painting with the help of the instructor.

My cousins are so talented explaining my mom’s talent gene, but mine was seriously lacking. I felt like mine looked like a 12 year old painted it and theirs were beautiful. Either way, I had a ball. And there were a few friends there I knew at another table. Check it out. I would totally do it again!


Here’s my family:


IMG_1203            IMG_1204


Erin & cousins


After the class we went to Ferrari’s around the corner I had never been! It was so much more rustic than I ever imagined. After cuz Kathy told me bread was the devil, she ate theirs. She said it was delicious. It smelled delicious!!! They ordered calamari…a weakness of mine but I didn’t even taste it! I know myself well enough to know as long as I don’t taste it…I can make it. I did order a side salad so I could eat that and not drool over their food and be okay!

Gosh, we had fun! At two different times I was laughing till I was crying. I haven’t had a good belly laugh like that in a long, long time and those are just the best!

The rest of the weekend I did what I do best on weekends. I did nothing. I had somehow injured my thumb so I gave it the weekend off. It was swollen. I iced it and heated it, took Advil and the only action it got was channel flipping. It was so nice!!!

I continue to cook these great meals and they taste so good. I have really gotten used to the food. I feel great! I can really tell I have lost weight but more importantly the aches and pains are gone! I guess it was the diet and not the medication for after breast cancer.

I took my mom’s Chicken curry recipe. I omitted the chicken, flour, and chicken broth. I only used the spices from the recipe and sautéed eggplant in them. It was yummy hot or cold. I am a HUGE fan of eggplant. My favorite eggplant recipe is one from Paris but I couldn’t use it on the diet because I couldn’t eat anything from a jar, bottle, box, etc. and it contains peanut butter, but this curry eggplant was good.


I have made broccoli and garlic a lot. I sauté the onions and garlic in olive oil and then cook the broccoli into it. It is really tasty. Every time I taste it, I forget how much I like it.

I cooked cauliflower in olive oil and then sprinkled Beau Monde and Dill on it. Yummy.

With both veggie dishes, I had bought pork chops, bone in to add flavor and smeared olive oil and Chef Prudhomme spices on them and grilled them.


Last night, I made Snapper that I cooked on my Cuisinart grill with oil, salt and pepper. I placed it in a bowl and covered with sautéed spinach. It was delicious!


The diet claims it will change the way I look at food and it has! It has made me realize the importance of portion control. It has taught me to utilize my spices a LOT! It has taught me I can fulfill my sweet tooth with fruit, dates, figs, and apricots. It has taught me to be more cognizant of when I am full and when I am eating to eat. It has taught me to stay away from foods in jars, boxes and bottles. Some are necessary but some aren’t! Mayo yes, but gluten free chips no.

I look in the mirror and I am happy at what I see. I feel better, I look better and a very dear dear friend said this to me years and years ago.

I was living in Boston and I had lost a lot of weight and I said, “It pisses me off that men pay attention to me when I lose weight and I am skinny! I have to be thin for them to notice me.” Her response was no…losing the weight gave you a confidence that made you attractive to men. That is all!” I thank the wonderful, wonderful late Aretha White who was absolutely right. I miss her! She was my best friend in Baltimore and an amazing photographer and had a sweet hubby and had adopted a beautiful child and she got sick and died from an infection. Heartbreaking. She was such a good soul!

I was so excited that last night I ran into a friend and her dog and she said she and her partner are doing the diet and already noticing less aches and pains. I hope it spreads like wildfire because if eating right can get rid of those ailments instead of drugs that say the side effects are: loss of teeth, excessive armpit hair, you will laugh like a hyena, and if you don’t have to chance those side effects…why would you?

So, I can’t believe I am going to say this to you. If I include today, I have 3 days left! 27 days down and 3 to go! I am sitting here in a pair of pants that fit nicely and one-month ago I couldn’t fasten! It feels great! Next week, I will know what I lost and it will be less strict and hopefully I won’t gain it all back!

I will keep you all posted.

Until we meet again…

Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….


One thought on “Bread & Butter Dreams to A Worthwhile Diet to A Class of Art

  1. Erin,

    As long as we have known you, we have admired who you are. After reading about your determination and dedication, we have even more reasons to be proud to be your friends.

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