Lumenocity, Lettuce Wraps, New Doggy Friends & A Night At The Ballpark! GO REDS!!!

Hi there!


I am sitting in the middle of the street on 5th Avenue and the intersection of 23rd. It used to be the middle of the street and now it is a parcel of land that they have turned into an oasis of concrete covered with metal chairs and tables and umbrellas and large stone planters filled with beautiful overflowing flowers surround this space and hopefully prevent cars from coming into it. Across from me in one direction is Mario Batali’s EATALY which is just phenomenal. I can’t fathom how he created it and left no stone unturned. It is just the most remarkable idea and he most certainly is minting money off it. To my left is the Flatiron building, behind me is Madison Square Park home to the Shake Shack which will becoming to a city near you soon. But this blog is not supposed to be about New York…yet. That is next week… It is supposed to be about the week proceeding the East coast trip so let me bring you up to date!


LUMENOCITY is this wonderful light show they have now performed for the second consecutive year and it is wonderful. I think I had initially imagined beams of light in the sky and unsure of how it would look. It was beams of light artistically displaying beyond believe creativity splashed on the front of Music Hall where the Cincy Symphony performs. It is orchestrated to the orchestrator and there was a little ballet and a lot of wonderful imagery. Last year was a mad house and insanely packed, but this year in a feeble attempt to control numbers they sold FREE tickets to it. They had a wonderful and memorable tribute to Charley Harper. A very talented Cincinnatian.


LINK TO LUMENOCITY in 60 seconds….




I went with three friends. My wonderful friend Lynn was able to come up with last minute tickets and the first three available got them. I was lucky to be a part of the group!


We ate there on the park grounds. There was a whole host of food vendors there and someone name escapes me was selling sliders that tasted SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

I found it…..HUIT CRAFT BBQ

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.06.05 PM

They had these steamed bun sliders with braised pork, house made light pickles, Huit creamy BBQ sauce, crushed peanut and cilantro. I hate cilantro and it was not an issue for me. There were 4 of us and we ALL thought about getting a second order till we spotted the Graeter’s ice cream push cart!


My friend Jennie is one of those people that gets the science of cooking down to a “T”. She is so masterful in the kitchen. Regardless of what nationality she is cooking, she does it well.


She experimented with and created lettuce wraps. She took beef or shrimp and cooked and marinated them in a concoction of heaven and then we put the into sheets of lettuce with carrots and it was yummy!

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.11.23 PM And after dinner we took her new puppy Mayzie for a walk with Dulce! New, fast friends!


In the backyard with Lydia and the pooches…


In the house playing…


Again, I got to be the happy, okay deliriously happy benefactor of an extra ticket to see the Cincinnati Reds play the Atlanta Braves. A little torn by my allegiance to the Reds for I covered the Braves for two winning seasons in Atlanta, but in the end my loyalty to the hometown prevailed. However, I was tempted to break into a tomahawk chant a few times, but I refrained.


We had these amazing and dangerous clubhouse tickets. This includes a cushy seat out of the sun in the shade and UNLIMITED Cincy foods. Me and unlimited foods are not a good thing. I had two hotdogs because to me there is nothing better than a ballpark hotdog. Then I had to have a slice of LaRosa’s pizza and then an ice cream sandwich. It was all a part of this free ticket I acquired and relished. Oh yes, relished. Game was lousy but when you are sitting pretty and eating well…all is right in the world.

IMG_0089This is A LOT of people sitting around and all the edges of the room are FILLED with food vendors….Montgomery Inn Ribs, Hotdogs, LaRosa’s pizza, yogurt and fruit bar, pasta bar, and it goes on…




Until we meet again…


Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….



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