Almost everyday, Dulce meets Duffy in the Meadow. Duffy was a doggy in the building that got along great with people. Really adorable, but was not great with other dogs till he met his true love, my sis, Dulce. They are like two peas in a pod. Imagine seeing a man and a woman racing across a field to embrace. Now, replace that image with two dogs. It is really cute. Click on link below. It is a powerpoint, so you may need to go to 2nd page and click on play button.


Duffy & Dulce in the Meadow


I have been really lacking on the food segment of eat, travel, laugh. I have forgotten numerous meals to include in my blog because I have been at the tennis all week and when you work a tennis tourney, you eat what you can get!


I found this recipe and it is a yummy, healthy breakfast. I bought a thing of chorizo and cooked it up and froze it. Then I bought a bunch of spinach and sautéed it with onions and garlic. So for breakfast, I pull out the sautéed spinach and toss it in a pan with the chorizo and warm it up and place it in a bowl and then I fry an egg and place it on top. I crack the yolk open and let it drizzle onto the spinach and chorizo. Oh it is yummy! Protein and veggie breakfast!


spinach chorizo & fried egg


Watermelon this summer (with the exception of my last two) has been exceptionally good. I have been eating it for a snack or a dessert. So sweet! I sliced up some watermelon and a peach and tossed it in a bowl with mozzarella. It gives the sweet salt thing so many of us love.


watermelon & peaches with mozz


There is a fabulous Bluegrass Band that has been playing once a week down at Washington Park and they play almost every Sunday evening at THE COMET in Northside. They were wonderful!!! And the burritos that I tasted during chemo that had no flavor, four years later are really yummy!


Bluegrass band


One of the men in my building says he has gone to hear this bluegrass band every Sunday since 1997! That says a lot about them. I guess!


Did I show you the before of my grandmother’s table and what I did to it to make it more hip and me!


IMG861 IMG860


IMG1212 IMG1211


There are a group of woman in the building and one gentleman who plays cards. They divide into groups. One group is the Kick Ass Girls and the other started as the three duds and a Stud, but they changed themselves to Charlie and his Angels.




I went with my friends L and Joan to see the reaction to the costume and we were served this UNBELIEVABLY tasty watermelon margarita.

Watermelon margarita

When they started to play cards, L, Joan and I went to Joan’s. We sat on the patio and drank Joan’s incredibly good and strong Scotch! Who knew Costco could make such a good Scotch!




My friend Stacey has this really cute Shitzu and Poodle mix dog that I adore!!! So, we decided they should meet. They hit it off instantly! Duffy there is competition in town. Your saving grace is I have to drive 25 minutes to get her there.



Kobe & Dulce  2


I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this on the streets of Cincinnati. What a fashion statement. It was so priceless; I had to show it to you! It goes to show that ANYONE can/will wear whatever their heart desires.




I recently learned that there is a population of this country that finds salmon to be a fish of the rich, which I find odd. Sad. Repugnant. Fish is so good for all of us. Too much and you could run into a mercury issue, but fish is such a good source of omega-3 oils, which is good for our hearts. Look at the Asian diets, which are rich in fish and look how long those folks live! The sad thing is that fish is reasonably priced and loaded in nutrition. More people should eat fish regularly. The only exception in my book is Chilean Sea bass can be pricey, but the rest is very affordable unless you eat a pound at a sitting.


When I was at Joan’s, she was kind enough to give me some basil for me to make pesto. I poured it over my fish that I had cooked on the stove. It was 3 oz. of salmon with pesto and I made a big salad to go with it. That three ounces of fish cost me maybe $4. See good does not always have to be pricey! And good is just good for you!!!

Here’s my homemade pesto! Not as good as Eric Dauer’s.


Here it is over the salmon.



I was driving home from taking Dulce on this long walk and I passed an empty unruly public field that was laced with wild flowers. I stopped and picked a handful and came home and put them in a vase. They were so pretty that I went and got more for my friends.



A small handful of law school friends were meeting for lunch downtown one day. With trying to get the mediation up and running and a desire to catch up with old friends, I went. It ended up just being Dallas and I and we had the nicest time. I think we should do that all the time! Or at least quarterly. And she introduced me to Palomino’s Mushroom Soup and Chopped Salad. Delic!!!


I didn’t take a pic and couldn’t find one to do it justice, but it was like a mushroom bisque and the chopped salad. Imagine. Really tasty.


I left there and went to explore the Fountain Square Booksellers, which is a lovely addition to the city and a great idea. I sure hope it makes it! I also hope they take my books!




I went to meet my friend John for coffee at Coffee Emporium. He is a poet and I am a writer and we seem to never run out of things to discuss. I can’t fathom writing poems. To me, poetry is like writing music. I am in awe of people who can do it. I am not one of them!




So, I am racing around to get things done with my Cancer book for kids, and getting ready to be busy at the tennis. I came home one day and I pulled the car up front of the building and ran over to the side yard to tell my friend Viv a quick story. I came back to this on my windshield.




I am so glad there is still a sense of humor in my building. Some days it is too heavy for me.


I went back to the City Flea down at Washington Park. As you know, I do not like blonde men with blue eyes and if you didn’t know that, you do now. I am a brown hair, brown eye girl looking for the same. BUT….I can appreciate an attractive man with the blonde hair and blue eye coloring. So, I see this really nice looking man and I am BLATANTLY checking him out and he says my name. I felt so hand caught in the cookie jar. I had NO IDEA who he was till he got closer. Then I realized it was a school classmate who looked better as an adult man than a teenage boy and I felt a little dirty that I had looked at him like I did, considering I had known him almost all of my life. But he is not my brother or cousin, so I shouldn’t have felt bad, but I sure did! Then I made a disparaging remark about lawyers and he then said that is what he did for a living. I had completely inserted foot and swallowed it whole.


He went to find two classmates of ours that he was wondering the City Flea with that day! A gal named Julie who looked like she still was in high school. She looked fabulous! I wanted to tell her that I met her ex-hubby’s wife and thought she was a bitch with an attitude, maybe I read the “new wife” wrong but I didn’t like her, why did he end things with Julie for THAT, I almost said it, but decided against it.


Then I saw an old dear friend Brian, who like the lawyer looked better than I remembered. He had this wonderful curly hair and was just sweet as pie.


He told me a story for my blog, which I said I would share and I will. The poor guy has had a string of really, really bad luck. He had Legionnaire’s Disease and almost died from it. It is a disease that attacks the lungs. I had heard of it, but had no idea what it was till he told me. He had a 10% survival rate and survived. No memory, had to learn to walk all over again. I would never know this seeing him last weekend. Then he was in a bicycle accident with 11 stitches and then a tree fell on his car WHILE HE WAS DRIVING IT. Someone is trying to tell this fella something, but I am not sure what! He is a nice guy!! Maybe enjoy life, it is short. I don’t know, but he must be scared to leave the house.


I have two Brian stories that I have to share with you! When I was in high school, Brian and a fella we called Johnnie Mc and I were really good friends.


We went to the Blue Gibbon down on Tennessee Road, a Chinese restaurant, one night for dinner. Johnnie Mc and Brian went to the bathroom. Johnnie Mc went to check and make sure no one was in there and then knocked on Brian’s door and yelled Miami Vice and left the restroom. Brian came out of his stall and did it too, but he did it to the door of a family friend named Dr. Lukin, who is a well regarded, sweet as pie, bright as heck, neurosurgeon in Cincy. Oh yes, he did. How embarrassing and funny that must have been and totally unforgettable.


Second story, Brian was dating a friend of mine named Mary, who lived in Hyde Park, OH, but was at college in Washington, D.C. and she invited Brian and I up to attend George H. Bush’s Inaugural Ball. It was a blast!!! The day we were leaving, we were sitting around watching television and Howard Metzenbaum, a famous Ohio politician came on air and my then friend Mary said, “I hate that fucking Jew! I wish he would retire.” Brian IMMEDIATELY said, “Mary, Erin is half Jewish. You shouldn’t say that!” Mary looked stunned. I was stunned she said it and that Brian did that for me. Needless to say, Mary never spoke to me again once she knew there was some Jewish blood in my veins. I assumed she knew, most people see my last name and instantly know. And Brian was my hero. Yeah for old friends.



With the exception of my time away from Cincinnati, I have been going to the ATP Tennis Tourney all my life. I grew up at that tournament that I used to watch them assemble the bleachers for the fans to sit and watch the matches and now they have this big fancy stadium. The tennis players used to walk freely around the people and now they are so famous and are ushered underground to the court. A lot has changed, but there are still familiar and nice faces to see. Here is a collage of pics from the tennis to give you a feel for it from my eyes.










What was really nice was one of my best friends in the world, an Aussie, who fell in love with a lovely Brit and now is a London girl, came to cover the tennis. It was so nice to see Kirst after not seeing her for four years except on Skype. Here we are! I have pics of us in the following places: London, Paris, Melbourne, Australia and now Cincinnati. We can’t find a pic of us from NY! Such a bummer!

Kirst and Erin in Cincinnati 2014

And she knew my dad from NY, US Open and we all went to dinner one night in NY, so we all caught up at a breakfast at Panera out near the tennis this past week. Kirst grilled him in her usual reporter fashion. It was brilliant. He adores her and she really got him talking, which is always fantastic. We had a nice time.


We had one really bad rainstorm during the tennis week and then we were just lucky with cool breezes the rest of the time.


Saturday night the matches went late and I stuck around to visit with Kirst and got caught in horrendous traffic. The next night we stopped at Dewey’s picked up pizza and split a salad and came back to my flat and ate pizza, drank Johnnie Walker and caught up on four years of info until 1:30 in the morning. When the alarm went off at 6:30 am to take her to the airport, I was tired but okay. Secret. Take two Advils, a really big glass of water and sleep. You should wake up okay!


We had a ball. Kirst is one of those friends that I can go months, even years without talking to or seeing and we pick up like no time passed. A sign of a good, true friend. I have a handful of them and I treasure them all!!!


This is just a sidebar funny. Brits and Aussies call cookies biscuits. Kirst said to me, you put spread on your biscuits? I said, “NO, what are you talking about!” She said, there is a lovely peanut butter like, but sweeter spread for the biscuits and they say it is European treat, but we don’t do that in Europe, is it an American thing?” I said, No, again. I went to look at it. There were cookies with a jar of that Biscoff’s, which were the yummy biscuits/cookies they used to serve on the plane. It isn’t an American thing! It is a plane thing! It was also quite yummy!


For many years, the Lindner family had a stronghold on the ATP Tennis because he invested so much money into the tennis and his UDF(United Dairy Farmers) ice cream was always a fixture at the tennis. Well, no longer! This year my beloved Graeter’s made an appearance at the tennis and if you think I am the only one who likes the stuff. Check out this line….




There was a superhero at the tennis….we kept waiting to see if she would fly…it actually was a cool dress but when the wind caught hold of it…it looked like a superhero cape…




Kirst went down to interview Federer. I looked up on a widescreen television and there is my friend asking Roger questions. I had to snap a picture.



That is Kirst on the L and a friend George from Paris on the R and Roger Federer in the middle and the funny and AMAZING and really cool thing about Roger is he is so fluent in many languages that he is speaking to Kirst in English and French to George!




Next day, it was time to clean my condo. My friend Shirley gave me a vacuum that crawls around the ground and look at Dulce chase it. Too cute. I adore her!!!



Let me check this out….



I forgot to tell you that I am going to be one of the authors participating at this event in October! If you can come, I would love it! Check it out! I am so excited! And my friend Jen who told me about it is going to be my assistant for it.




Until we meet again…


Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….



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