I had to turn my computer into Apple for a week. It was like having surgery and losing the use of a hand or foot. I didn’t know how to function. I was lost. I completely was out of my element. I am CONSTANTLY doing some form of work or answering emails and I don’t do that on my phone. So, I was a fish out of water without my computer.

Look at the Apple Store window…I thought this was really cool….




I did things I like to do that I rarely make time to do. I had Carolyn and Jo up for cappuccinos. We sat on my balcony and sipped our drinks and chatted.


One Friday evening, I went with a bunch of friends to the Brazee Street Studios in Oakley. It was so cool! They offer classes in making fused glass, making mosaics, etc. Here is some of the work from their in-house artists and just cool things to see.




IMG1229IMG1230 IMG1231 IMG1232 IMG1233 IMG1234


We came back from the artists’ studios and went to the pool and your non-drinking friend was given a Pomegranate martini. It was delicious!!!!


The next day was the City Flea in Washington Park. My friend L went early and called me and simply said, “YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT!!!”

 City Flea

I went with Trouble and Viv and sis, Dulce and it was rows of tents filled with all kinds of things. People had made jewelry, art, soap, candles, vintage goods, family relics, and Victorian style mirrors painted in vibrant colors. Dulce got to meet two baby goats.



I drank a Mocha coffee that the Coffee Emporium people blended on the front of a bicycle with pedal power. Here is a pic of a kid doing it. Do you see the blender on the front of the bike?

bike blender


I came home and took Dulce for a walk and we had our second dingle berry experience. Fortunately, I walked by a church that had a hose attached to the side. I looked up to the heavens and said, “Lord forgive me!” Just kidding. No, I didn’t.


I hosed off Dulce’s tushy in the grass and rolled the hose back up and left.


My mom and I have been working incredibly hard on this cancer book. It has been such an arduous process. I have spent hours, and hours on it. My mom has spent equally or more on the artwork, and my friend June has probably spent the same amount as us on the stuffed animal. It is really fascinating to see the behind the scenes work that no one sees. People see finished products and have no clue the time that goes into it. I spent at least 6-8 hours for at least 14 days trying to correctly format the book. It was ridiculously hard. We tried to do some new and innovative things with this new book and it has been an uphill battle, but hopefully well worth it.

Here is the new Peri.

Peri in color


I talked to my dear old friend Jill from Capitol Hill, D.C. She lives between D.C. and Ireland. We have been friends for years. It is interesting to hear how D.C. is constantly evolving from one that lives literally two blocks from the Capitol.


I took another long break from my solitude of being computer less and had my friend Mary Lou down for a birthday cup of coffee. She walked in the door and said, “Dulce, I really came to see you!” Dulce is quickly becoming a hit here. She’s adorable.


Check out her blog:


It was nice to have some time with good friends before my 6 mo. appointment to the oncologist and the breast surgeon. ALL is okay! Yeah!


The oncology appts. aren’t scary it is the mammogram appts. especially when they call you back to do more films. Yikes. I was doing a lot of toe tapping that day. Thankfully, my dear friend Jo was with me.


Okay, imagine the Cincinnati Pops performing in a big field in the concert called The Concert on the Green. We had a picnic table, folding chairs, food, coffee, Bailey’s, etc.


And it poured…


And poured and Dulce was on my lap with a blanket around her….



And they played…

And then there were fireworks…fireworks makes everything better!



We ended up back at my place around the dining room table eating and talking till almost 1 in the morning.


The next day was the Burlington Flea Market. I haven’t bought anything at these fleas, because I am more interested in purging than acquiring, but I love to look.



So, our building decided that we should welcome newcomers with a high tea. Stephen went to a purveyor of teas and purchased some scrumptious choices.

The rest of us brought cookies, finger sandwiches and came to meet the new folks. Sadly, not even half showed up, but we still had a nice time.


The following day, I royally fell off my low carb diet. I had Charlie and Joan over for French toast, bacon and coffee. I have this killer good bread that I bring back or my mom ships to me from Jerry’s supermarket on Sanibel and it is cinnamon swirl and has a coffee cake crumble crust and it is just so yummy!!!


We ate like kings, retired to the balcony and chatted and had a lovely time. Such lovely people. I am so glad I met them. Joan and I could talk for hours and never run out of conversation.


I went to meet my childhood friend of 40 years for coffee. Josh! I call him Henry ever since his Bar Mitzvah invite came to my house when we were 13 and I learned his first name is Henry. His wife had been in Israel when the bombing began. She had to go into bunkers 6-7 times. She even took a picture of a rocket soaring through the sky. Imagine living in that type of terror constantly. I remember during 9.11 a bunch of us said this is one day like this…Israelis and the Arab people live like this everyday and have for thousands of years…


There is a band in Cincy that is famous called THE MODULATORS. When I was in high school, I used to sneak into bars with my friends to watch them perform. Well, their hit sing is called SEX ON A REGULAR BASIS. I have the t-shirt. It is such great vibrant colors.




I never wear it in public but last week, I did. Why not? I was going to walk in the cool, hip, Clifton area with my pooch! Well, a Muslim man that passes me from time to time. I say hello and he says hello and thank you. I wonder if he thanks me for saying hello or thanks me for acknowledging him despite the tensions between the Muslim population and the rest of the world. The other day, I passed him in my shirt. I hadn’t seen him in DAYS!!! I said hello, he said hello, and than I got a LOT of thank yous. I guess it was the shirt. I was mortified. I should not have worn the shirt. He giggled. It made him laugh. It made me turn bright red. Oh well, a little levity in life goes a long way….



Until we meet again…


Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….



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