Baklava to The Northside Parade

I am still crazy behind in this blog….so let me do this as fast as possible.


There is a Greek Festival in Cincy once a year. I LOVE Greek food. I was scared to eat everything except a Greek salad when I was in Greece many years ago. I looked at the lamb they sliced off and was repulsed and now I almost pray to it like a gift from heaven. So, I had my friend do a drive by….she dumped me off and I went in and straight to the ridiculously long line for pastries. I had to get baklava, and I wanted to try theirs dipped in chocolate, then some gal said she made some dessert that was about 13 letters long and she claimed better than baklava. Pretty close but no cigar. Ready for the name? Galaktoboureko. I was one letter off. It is 14 letters. Then there was something with apricot in it and that was my favorite. I love apricot. Especially apricot hamentashens. (A yummy cookie.) That is my Jewish blood coming through!




Then I went to get in the ridiculously long gyro line. I told the people in front and behind me that I needed to get a piece of Spankopita (spinach pie) because I was STARVING. So, I got that and ate it while I waited in line.


One thing for those Greeks, they move the lines FAST! The coffee shops should take a lesson from them! Now, I have all my food. The only reason to go to the Greek Festival. I went and hopped in the car with Jo, and came home to feast. I don’t know any Greek restaurants in Cincy, although there is a Greek joint in Findlay Market that I think ROCKS! Best gyro EVER! Except if I had been gutsy and tried one in Greece OH SO long ago. Maybe that is why I am a gutsy eater because I wasn’t AS gutsy many moons ago and I missed good stuff and I never want to miss it again!


So, I came home and bellied up to the coffee table and Dulce and I tasted a little of everything. The gyro was delicious! She had a few bites of that and loved it. But my mom said she loves lamb. Then she had a teensy bite of baklava. She liked that too!


I loved everything! Well, not the chocolate baklava.


Since I was in my phase of eating bland….or eating breads and noodles after my dodgy stomach. I thought before I go back off breads…and since the gals at the pool were talking about Thai…I went to my favorite pad Thai in Cincy. Thai Express. Not only yummy beyond words, but a great bang for the buck! I got a Pad Thai, a dish I used to crave BADLY! I may start to crave it as I tell you about it. When I lived in D.C. someone introduced me to Pad Thai and there was a killer good Pad Thai down on Connecticut Avenue that was not far from where I lived in Woodley Park and I frequented it once a week. AT LEAST. Few Pad Thais have ever compared but this little hole in the wall in Clifton does! The ladies are straight from Thailand. The place is the size of a shoebox and like an oven and they have these two huge woks and they cook it up and they do it well. A must if you like Pad Thai!


My friend Shirley (aka Trouble) had her granddaughter, Emily Joe coming to visit her for a week. She insisted I help her although she really didn’t need help. Well, one night I went up to Trouble’s and Emily Joe who we all call Em J for short was giving manicures and pedicures. So, I got one. She was pretty darn tootin’ good. My fingernails were alternating silver and gold sprinkles and my toes were….well they looked like this and Em J liked it so well, she did it to hers too!




Then this little girl who is ten, eleven….did what well-educated, bright, older, and wiser people couldn’t do. She built my lamp.





I bought the pieces to build a lamp when I was in Thailand. I tried, my mom tried, a Cornell student tried, a DAAP student tried and it took Em J to do it. She is a rock star!




Thankfully, my four-legged sister Dulce was in her room when I was at the pool and this very large framed picture of my granddad’s fell to the ground and smashed to a million pieces. I can’t imagine how scary that was for Dulce. Scared the crap out of me! So, I had to make it up to her.


Em J and her mom Jennie and I went to Graeter’s for first Thursday Night of the Month Doggy Night. She got a Frosty Paws.




I put my Mocha Chocolate Chip on the bench while I lifted the lid off her ice cream and of course while I was doing THAT I noticed she was licking my ice cream. Nice! She drinks the water out of my Tervis tumbler and she eats my ice cream. She is SHAMELESS!!!! For her, it is about two things: FOOD and BELLY RUBS!


I love the 4th of July Parade on Sanibel because it makes me feel like I am in Mayberry and I may see Opie around the corner, but here in Northside, the 4th of July Parade makes me feel like I am in Brooklyn, NY. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Brooklyn, but I think the parade is a microcosm of NY. It is fun and funky.


Before the parade, a friend who is the QUEEN of Entertaining had a small continental breakfast for a handful of us. If hotels interpreted continental breakfasts the way she does, the clientele would be extremely happy.


Here is her idea of a continental breakfast



And then we ate it out on her lovely balcony.





Then we all went to the parade….

Here is the Hammond North gang….



IMG1180 IMG1181

IMG1182 IMG1183 IMG1186 IMG1190

Northside 4th of July Parade 2014 (6) IMG1193 IMG1195 IMG1197

My friend Jo and I took Dulce to Washington Park for fireworks but it was SUPER lame! The Washington Park people said it was a test to make sure they didn’t crack nearby windows so they only set off about 3 minutes worth. We went to the doggy park and it was hopping. There were 2 dogs in there that were convinced that Dulce was there Mom and they were trying to get milk from her. She was shocked by that one, but she was a trooper.


Then we walked Vine Street and past the restaurants that were overflowing with people.


Next day, Dulce and I went for a long walk in Clifton and remember how I told you in the last blog to remember how I saw that lady slyly let her dog run around the fountain for fun?


Well, Dulce and I were on our walk and she had a dingleberry. That is what I call that last little turd that doesn’t fall to the ground with the rest…sorry this may be WAY TOO MUCH info. Well, I tried to pull it off with a poopy bag and I made it worse. So, my poor little pooch who is dragging her tushy down the sidewalk. Sitting in the grass and is MISERABLE…and I am thinking… I wish there were doggy wipes….I finally get her to the fountain and YES; I did what any doggy mom would do. I lifted her into the fountain and cleaned her tush! She was so happy after…I was terrified of getting arrested…Oh what we do for our doggies.


Then she was able to strut her stuff! And she turns the corner and she met 3 Dalmatians. Frodo, Gigi, and Gabby. She of course had to stand on her hind legs and show them her belly that makes her look like she is part Dalmatian. But she is not….



Until we meet again…


Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….


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