An Explanation and An Apology

Hi Everyone!

This may be one of the shortest blogs I have EVER written! I am writing it because someone took my blog and altered it in such a way that it had great negativity in it and said some disparaging things about friends of mine. And to those who did this, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! Grow up! Get a life, and find another hobby other than causing damage to innocent, kind, gentle, and  good people. You have shown your true colors by this lack of class and this downright evil act and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself! SHAME ON YOU!!!! To those that have seen it, and wondered how or why I could have written such a thing. I didn’t, but I want to apologize for the people that felt compelled to take my words and twist them in an attempt to damage me and my image. People know me and my character and they will know what is true and real, and all you do by stealing and rewording my work is damage your inner soul. Just remember, KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!


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