A Doberman named Amy, Chocolate Fondue, Eggnog & Kahlua, OH MY, my my & Skinny Dipping

Babysitting Amy the Doberman was awesome! She was such a sweet thing! She reminded me of the gentle giants in my life Jared and Alex that are so tall and are so intimidating because of their size, but are such lovely and good human beings. THAT was Amy. She would climb on my bed. Sleep next to me and she followed me everywhere and was such a love. She really didn’t need to go to the bathroom with me, but she did. I appreciated the company. And I appreciated her bringing me a sock, just in case I needed one!


Also, as much as I love my mom she keeps me on a tight leash down here and I do what she wants. SO MUCH easier than bucking the system and I am so easy going…it is just easier. So, when I took care of Amy, I sat on the couch! Amy sat in her bed beside the couch and we had Hallmark and Lifetime movie marathons. It was awesome! We barely moved. My mom doesn’t like to watch more than an hour of television at a time unless it is football and then she will watch ENDLESS hours of it. So, I went to hangout at Amy’s and watch crappy, fun, silly, hopeless romantic movies.

It was hard to leave that precious sweet Doberman. Nothing like this was waiting in my bed at home….


A friend Brooke had a holiday party one evening. Her home makes me feel like I am walking into a home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I LOVE it! It is so New England. I walked into the kitchen filled with people and she clanked her glass to introduce me and said that her idea for dipping pretzels in dark chocolate fondue came from one of my famous Sanibel Xmas parties. I was so touched and honored by it. Made my day!

SHE, Brooke, is a fabulous cook!

My friend Becky and I took a long walk and talked about life. How it curves in the most unexpected ways. When we are children, we think you fall in love, never ending love, you get married, have kids, and life is perfect. No matter what you have been lucky enough to have in life, it doesn’t shield us from the hard stuff. I am a half glass full gal, but life really throws monkey wrenches into everyone’s lives in one form or another.

One of the awesome things about living near a beach is you can say to a friend…meet me for coffee, lunch or a beachwalk. How cool to go for a beachwalk to hangout with a friend?

A friend Shelley and her hubby retired her years ago from Cincy. She is such a perfect Sanibel gal. She was meant to live here. We took her dog, Charlie, this totally timid, skittish dog she rescued roughly a year ago that is none of those things now, and my mom’s dog Dulce for a long beach walk. The sun was shining. It was mid-70s. It is what makes being in Florida in December so exceptionally wonderful. I appreciate being here so much!!! And I love to see my old friends. Shelley is definitely more my mom’s friend than mine and they meet weekly for pooch walks, but thankfully my mom shares her with me.

South African Sue and I met for tennis. I just love playing tennis with her. We have the longest rallies and we both hit the ball hard and it is just heavenly to play with someone so perfectly matched to my abilities. Here is the secret. You play with someone better and it elevates your game. You play with someone worse and you may as well not play. Your game goes down the toilet, not to mention it is no fun for the better player. You play with an equal and it is equally a ball.

My mom and her beachy, doggy buddies and I went to lunch together. Beachy doggy buddies are folks you meet on the beach with your dogs and for a long time you ONLY know their dogs’ names and with time you learn the people’s names. So, one of the gals, Shelley is a Cincy friend, but the rest are beachy, doggy buddies, and they usually end up being the closest of friends. So, we went to the Sundial, a restaurant called SEABREEZE because it is one of very few restaurants with a view of the water. We all ate salads. I had a chopped chicken salad and I think 3 others did as well. Of course, Skin and Bones (aka my mom) ordered the salad with tomatoes basil and maybe an ounce of cheese and of course she was stuffed after two slices and had to take it home. I am the only one who finished hers. SHOCKING, I know!!! We are going to start a holiday tradition doing a lunch every year. I love traditions! If you were here with me, I would break into Fiddler on the Roof’s song Tradition, but thankfully you aren’t here to hear me sing. Lucky you!

My sister got her picture taken with Santa Claus or in this case Dana Claus over at Lily the jewelry store. She loved Santa!!!!


I had a booksigning at Bailey’s General Store on the island. It was a madhouse in there. I sadly only sold a handful of books. I then sold books at my friend Susie’s shop McIntosh Books and they sold so well. I loved that booksigning! People were so friendly, such a good number of people came through the shop. It was really fantastic! I asked ANOTHER friend the difference. She said, People go to Bailey’s for food NOT books! People go to McIntosh’s for books. Alas, my answer!

Christmas Eve dinner, my mom cooked a ham. Then I roasted carrots that I had tossed in a bowl with olive oil, raw sugar, salt and pepper. For dessert, I scooped Queenie’s vanilla in a bowl and put fresh strawberries and blueberries on it. It was yummy.

Christmas morning, my mom cooked Eggs Benedict with sausage instead of ham. I love sausage.

Christmas night, my mom made filet mignon with Bernaise sauce, hot slaw, baked potato and bread pudding for dessert.

For alcohol, which I rarely drink, I have been guzzling, mild understatement, Eggnog with Kahlua. HIGHLY recommend it. Good golly, Miss Molly it rocks!!!! I suck it down like a caramel milkshake. I promised after this quart no more. I can barely button my pants. So, I need to step away from the eggnog and Kahlua. BUT…not until I turn it into a milkshake. Doesn’t that sound yummy?

This leads to the next little anecdote. I lived in the South for 2 years. I love Southerners. No, I REALLY, REALLY love Southerners! Some of my best friends are Southerners! I have heard many Northerners say that Southerners seem nice on the outside but really aren’t…NOT my experience! Mine is they are sweet as pie, hilarious naturally, easy to be with and regardless of how snooty their background is and regardless of how uptight they should be…they are the most real, down-to-earth, honest folks you could ever meet!

So, back in 2003, my mom and her husband moved to Savannah and I thought…this is awesome. She is going to get to have this “Southern experience” I had, and make awesome, colorful, true blue friends. Where she moved is an enclave of Northerners. Hence, no real true Southern experiences. It breaks my heart for her….

That takes me to this….we come home from a party one night and it was as hot as a potbelly stove outside and I strip off my clothes and go jump in the pool. She (my mom) looks at me like I am one card short of a deck! I said, “You lived in the South! Southerners do things like this and enjoy the moment! Don’t you want to go skinny dipping? She didn’t. To which, I said, “It is a shame that you lived in Savannah and there wasn’t a Southerner in the bunch that taught you Northerners how to let your hair down and have a little fun!”

She has a sign on her pool door, but she isn’t following it!


I asked and got a fitbit for Christmas. The amount I have to walk or run extra to drink the eggnog and Kahlua and get the calories off is a bit absurd. I was walking the dog in the dark last night down the street JUST to get the extra exercise and then I came in and did a dance because I hadn’t walked enough! Well, maybe I should just go have another Eggnog & Kahlua! But I won’t because I don’t want my fitbit to frown at me!

And I have to leave you with the following image. I walk at sunset religiously. Every night, I take a walk on the beach at sunset. It is my thing! And nights like this is why…..


Until we meet again…..

Enjoy! Eat, travel, laugh…often….


One thought on “A Doberman named Amy, Chocolate Fondue, Eggnog & Kahlua, OH MY, my my & Skinny Dipping

  1. New Year’s Eve and I have to read about Eggnog and Kahlua… You are a brilliant, but evil woman – reading your blog makes me not want fit into my pants.. Happy New Year to you, your mom and your furry sister:)

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