A New Start

Hi Everyone!

I created this blog in April and here it is June and I am finally sitting down and starting it. If this is not procrastination at it’s finest!

Who knew anyone could be so bloody nervous writing a blog. I feel like I am on a blind date and nervous to say the wrong thing or feeling overly shy.

The idea behind my blog is multifaceted. I have written a bunch of books. I have more in the pipeline and people have told me the way to get a following and get my name out there is to write a blog. Voila! Here I am!

Why today? Last night I was watching the evening news and there was a piece about a couple that was pinched for money and in order to make ends meet they started writing trashy novels. People after my own heart. Nothing like smut! My joke always is do you think ANYONE gets to the end of their life and says, “Oh shucks! What a bummer! I think I had too much sex!” I just don’t think it happens.

So, back to this couple….they became prolific writers and it took off and it helped having a blog to get their name and material out there. So again, voila! Here I am newly inspired.

My blog is not going to be about my books. I may write about my books but what I want to write about is the things I love. This is food and travel. The things that make me laugh. The things and people that inspire me. And I love to make people laugh. I may tackle some hard issues, but I may do it with humor.

My mother has nagged me. Shamelessly for multiple years that I should be a Dave Barry-like columnist. When I make her laugh. She says, “You should be writing like this ALL the time.”

I am going to give it a whirl.

And before I end this little first time blog post.  I am going to plug my book because it is my blog and I can do that!

My children’s book Peri’s Sanibel Island Adventures is available on amazon.com under the pen name of  E.M. Holzman. I have three books signings coming up on Sanibel Island. One at SUNCATCHER’S on July 4, 8:30 a.m. in the morning before the 4th of July parade. One on July 5th @ THE BOOK NOOK (11am-1pm)  and a third one at BAILEY’S T.B.D.

Check out: Erin Moss Holzman books @ emhbooks.com

Thanks for reading. Ya’ll come back again.



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